the science of


  • There is a Science behind playing a Beautiful shot in Cricket. It happens only when important hidden Bio-mechanics is working behind. Which means alignment of the joints, transfer of muscle power, stability and balance of the lower body with the support of ground reaction force. This is why Drills play a very vital role in developing the Bio-mechanics of Batting. 


  • In Cricket, Batting stance is a side on position of the body and it is unnatural awkward positioning of the human joints compared to the normal posture. In order to get the best effective results of batting shots we need to repeatedly practise the skill with drills, which helps and support the bio-mechanics of the batting technique.


  • Basically all Batting shots are based on reaction time and if batters body is not reacting to the ball at the right time, right place and right power, chance to miss hit and thereby risk of getting out is very high.  


  • Majority of the time batters dismissal is not related to external factors but due to internal factors like lack of alignment of body, reaction time, movement of  joints, power transference of muscles and hand eye co-ordination. 


  • This is why the Drills play a Major role in shaping and sharpening the skill set of a player from ordinary to extra ordinary Player.