batting studio

  • Batting studio is an Encyclopedia in an app aimed at increasing the Knowledge Level, developing the technical side and help in correcting the skill set and also to spread the beauty of batting and knowledge all across the world. 
  • This is the result of last 12 years research and findings gained from the practical experiences as well as consultations with Experts in Cricket.
  • This app is tailor made to suit the needs, requirements and will offer many self-correcting solutions in the form of step by step instructions to better the skills with specific drills. Since it is developed as an Encyclopaedia it gives you the luxury to pick choose from a wide range of drills according to each players need, they can correct and develop the specific areas individually. 
  • It is designed in such a way, to help the cricket fraternity explore gaps in their knowledge,  understanding batting techniques, and so on and improve upon their game.
  • It is First of its kind in the Cricket world. 
  • Batting Studio is the cricket coach you have been waiting for…

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